Our Solutions

Product Testing

TechnoMetrica Institute for Product Testing (TIPT) makes product testing simple. The institute evaluates new products entering the market, as well as existing products.

For new products, there is no way of knowing what its success may be. Product testing eradicates this mystery. Existing products also benefit from product testing; whether it is a product with poor sales that you want to improve or a failing product in need of improvement, gaining consumer insights through product testing is a smart step.

TIPT offers a soup to nuts solution. We develop the sample of evaluators, distribute product samples, monitor testing, assemble evaluations, analyze data and produce actionable recommendations.

TIPT uses a proven methodology. Our evaluators record their opinions and their feedback. Upon receiving the evaluations, TIPT carefully analyzes the data. We create detailed reports based on our findings and provide our clients with the clearest insights. TIPT personalizes results based on your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make your product a success.

Product Focus

We offer a broad range of product testing categories. The following are some of the product types we provide testing for:

  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverage
  • Health and beauty
  • Household products
  • Office and business supplies
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys

Target Population

TIPT uses its proprietary panel as well as samples selected specifically for individual product testing. We provide our services for the following segments:

  • General Consumers
  • Millennials
  • Baby Boomers
  • Affluent Americans
  • Ethnic samples
  • Small businesses

Feedback Collection Methods

We tailor our data collection method to the individual project needs. Some of the collection methods we frequently use are:

  • Mail surveys
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Journaling/Diaries
  • Focus groups

Key Benefits Of Working With TIPT

Cost savings – Rather than putting a new product on the market before testing to see the reaction towards it, product testing aids in eliminating the potential failure of the product. It can be costly in terms of both dollars and brand reputation to remove a product from the market and start over. Instead, TIPT exposes the consumer to a new product, analyzes consumer feedback, and reports back to the client. The intermediary step of working with TIPT can result in cost savings, as well as future increased revenue.

Risk prevention – It may be difficult to forecast the success or failure of a new product. TIPT helps avert the risk of failure by analyzing the wants and needs of the consumer. By understanding the consumer, risk of failure lowers dramatically. In addition, product testing helps you to understand why your existing product may be failing, and give you insight to make it successful.

Loyal customers – People like to be heard. They like to share their opinions and have those opinions taken into account. The most successful corporations are those that listen to the needs of their customer. By involving consumers in a new product or product improvement process, and sharing their feedback, the consumer feels as if they are a part of that product. This creates loyal customers not only to that product, but to the brand as a whole.